‘404 – Page Not Found’ Error When Commenting on a WordPress Site

The comment function broke on one of the WordPress sites I manage. When submitting a new comment, users would receive a “404 Page not found” error. My first thought was that a theme or security plugin update was the cause, so I switched to the basic 2015 theme and reviewed all of the site security settings. My second thought was that something happened to either the wp-comments-post.php or .htaccess files. The wp-comments-post.php file had the correct permissions and the byte count/date […]

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A Primer on SPF Records

Yesterday there were a million and one web pages on Sender Policy Framework. Today there are a million and two. When I was researching SPF record syntax for some changes in my email routing, I couldn’t find a single page that gave all the information I needed. I hope this one will save you some time. Sender Policy Framework is a quick-and-dirty method for using a DNS TXT record for publishing a list of servers that are authorized to send […]

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Can’t sign in to Skype for Business

After migrating our organization from Lync 2010 on-premise to Skype for Business Online, I had one user who couldn’t log in no matter what I tried. She had Skype enabled in her msols license, her account was enabled, everything appeared to have synced ok, and she could log into http://outlook.office.com. The error message said “The user name, password, or domain appears to be incorrect. Ensure that you entered them correctly. If the problem continues, please contact your support team.” Here […]

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Migrating Distribution Groups to Office 365, part 5

In the previous installments of this series on migrating distribution groups from Microsoft Exchange on-premise to Exchange Online, I covered these four steps: ► Part 1 – Overview of the process I used to migrate my Exchange distribution groups to Office 365. ► Part 2 – Exporting your on-premise distro group settings to CSV files. ► Part 3 – Importing your group settings from the CSV files to Exchange Online. ► Part 4 – Renaming and addressing your online distro […]

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