Migrating Distro Groups from Exchange to Office 365, part 4

In steps 4 and 5 of part one I wrote, 4. Delete on-premise groups. After verifying that I had all the data I needed to rebuild them in the cloud (or on-premise if necessary), I removed the original groups… 5. Rename and address online groups. I wrote a third PowerShell script (Address_DistroGroup.ps1) that renames the new online groups to the old on-premise group names and adds the email addresses extracted in step 1. Let me repeat this: Be very careful […]

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Migrating Distro Groups from Exchange to Office 365, part 3

In step 2 of part 1, I created online versions of all my on-premise distribution groups: 2. Create groups in Exchange Online. I used the list I created in step 1 to create corresponding groups in Exchange Online, appending ” OL” to the name of each group to avoid conflicts. This is easy enough to do using a formula in Excel to create the PowerShell code…. [Excerpted from part 1.] Then in step 3, I wrote a PowerShell script to […]

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Migrating Distro Groups from Exchange to Office 365, part 2

In part one (see here) I mentioned a PowerShell script (Export_DistroGroup.ps1) that I wrote to export certain settings of distribution groups in preparation for migrating them to Office 365. 1. Gather data. I exported a list of all distribution groups and their properties to a csv file. Then I wrote a PowerShell script (Export_DistroGroup.ps1) to export key details to multiple csv files for each group, which I would later use to populate and configure the new online groups. I created […]

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Migrating Distribution Groups to Office 365, part 1

I am most of the way through a hybrid-mode migration from Exchange 2010 to Office 365. There are a few stages in a hybrid migration. During the process, your on-premise Active Directory database and Exchange directories are synced to the cloud so that mailboxes that have been migrated still appear in the on-premise directory for mailboxes that have not migrated and vice versa. Distribution groups can be a problem in an already-complex environment: ►On-premise distribution groups can’t be managed by […]

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