Qualia Test Part 2

Part 1

Continuing with my experiment with Qualia.

Day 5 – Monday

  • Monday was rough. So what else is new?
  • Sleep wasn’t awful, but wasn’t good either.
  • I took Step One with a cup of bulletproof coffee at 6:30 AM.
  • After my 2nd cup of bulletproof, I took Step Two with a snack at about 11 AM.
  • Needed another cup of coffee (regular) in the afternoon.
  • No discernible effect today.

Day 6 – Tuesday

  • Sleep was better.
  • Took Step One at about 6 AM.
  • Coffee and breakfast followed by Step Two at about 6:45 AM.
  • Felt pretty good all morning. Sipped my second cup of coffee from a thermos all morning.
  • Mild irritability and lack of patience.
  • Very hungry in late afternoon.
  • Good focus and energy all day long.

Day 7 – Wednesday

  • Slept well again.
  • Step One at about 6:10 AM and Step Two with breakfast and coffee at about 6:45 AM.
  • Late afternoon hunger again.
  • Good energy and focus all day again. Even during meetings.
  • I forgot about my thermos of coffee. It was 3/4 full at the end of the day and I hadn’t even missed it.

Day 8 – Thursday

  • Same as Wednesday, except I drank all my coffee.
  • I noticed that I have been examining and rejecting sub-optimal options and making decisions faster than usual.

Day 9 – Friday

  • Another good, productive day.
  • Everything important was done by early afternoon.
  • A little tired in mid afternoon–I could have taken a nap–but snapped out of it before the end of the day.

Day 10-11 – Saturday & Sunday

  • No Qualia, but my energy remained steady all weekend. No big peaks, no deep valleys, but–overall–I had more energy than is normal for me, even on the weekends.

This week I ate breakfast every day except Monday so that I could take Step Two earlier in the day. Next week, I’m going to do bulletproof coffee every morning, skip breakfast, and take Step Two with a snack in late morning to see what, if any, difference that makes.

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