Create Inbox Rules in PowerShell

Let’s say you want to create in Inbox Rule and you don’t want to (or can’t) use Outlook to do it. Who cares why, right? You just don’t. $ReasonsWhy = “Not Relevant” You can use the New-InboxRule to move, copy, delete, forward, classify…whatever…newly received messages, just like you can if you created the rule through Outlook’s wizard. You can’t do quite everything in PowerShell that can be done […]

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Qualia Test Part 2

Part 1 Continuing with my experiment with Qualia. Day 5 – Monday Monday was rough. So what else is new? Sleep wasn’t awful, but wasn’t good either. I took Step One with a cup of bulletproof coffee at 6:30 AM. After my 2nd cup of bulletproof, I took Step Two with a snack at about 11 AM. Needed another cup of coffee (regular) in the […]

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Add a Prefix to Differentiate On-Prem from Cloud Exchange Cmdlets

If you use PowerShell to manage both on-prem and cloud Exchange resources, you can manage both in the same console by adding a prefix to the cmdlets of one or the other. It’s easier to add the prefix for Exchange Online cmdlets, so I’ll show you that. Simply copy and paste this code into the on-prem Exchange Management Shell to connect to Exchange Online and prefix the […]

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Add and Remove Computers from Groups Using PowerShell

These two scripts will add and remove a domain-joined computer to and from, respectively, a domain group. It’s much quicker than typing out the whole cmdlet string each time you need it. Script One: Add a computer to a group. Usage: Add_ComputerToGroup <ComputerName> <GroupName> # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx # Filename : Add_ComputerToGroup.ps1 # Purpose : Adds a computer object to an Active Directory group. The group # […]

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Qualia – Performance Enhancing Supplement

This isn’t technically about information technology, but it is about getting your IT right. If you can’t focus, if you aren’t motivated, then you won’t be at your best on the job. I’m trying out a supplement called Qualia from Neurohacker Collective, and I’m going to tell you about it along the way. Putting it here will help me be more aware and systematic about this experiment, […]

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PowerShell to Add a Workstation to a User’s Log On To Property

It’s easy enough to use ADUC or ADAC to change the list of computers that a user account is authorized to logon to, but sometimes (like, whenever possible!) you need to use PowerShell. Let’s start by seeing what workstations the user is allowed to logon to now… PS C:\> Get-ADUser jay.test -Properties LogonWorkstations | Format-List Name, LogonWorkstations Name : Jay Test LogonWorkstations : testpc This tells […]

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Faster Exchange Online Message Trace via PowerShell

If you submit a message trace with a custom date via the Exchange Online admin center, you’ll see this message: From there, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for your search results to be ready. Or… You can pop over to PowerShell and, after connecting to Exchange Online, run your trace like this: Get-MessageTrace -StartDate 3/22/2017 -EndDate 4/3/2017 -RecipientAddress […]

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