Free Kindle Books for Windows Sys Admins

May. 23, 2014 by

All of these books look very informative and useful, and they are all free on Kindle right now. Tell ’em I sent you. They’ll give you a great deal! Introducing

Music volume isn’t unducked after a Lync call if it’s paused

Apr. 22, 2013 by

Windows has a handy feature called “ducking” that can automatically lower the volume of your music when a voip call comes into Lync. You can control how or whether the

Windows 8 First Impressions

Jul. 18, 2012 by

Just a few thoughts: Microsoft really wants you to start living in the cloud. They are also trying very hard to create a new paradigm in user interface. The Windows

Don’t Upgrade to Windows 7

Jun. 7, 2010 by

Don’t get me wrong. I love Windows 7. Just don’t upgrade. Instead, do a clean install. Back up all your files, format the drive, and install everything from scratch. If

USB Wireless Adapter for Macs

Oct. 20, 2009 by

Some Macs don’t come with Airport hardware built in, and if you have an older Mac, it can be difficult to find the hardware you need to go wireless. AftertheMac

Keeping Your Computer Clean

Mar. 11, 2009 by

In order to keep your computer running at top efficiency, it’s important to perform some regular maintenance and to keep a few rules in mind. Don’t download or install every