Microsoft Domains to Trust in Your Browser Script-blocker

Nov. 4, 2016 by

If you’re using some kind of script blocker in your browser–and you should be–some websites can be very difficult to configure properly. Every script blocker I’ve used will show you

A Primer on SPF Records

Jul. 1, 2016 by

Yesterday there were a million and one web pages on Sender Policy Framework. Today there are a million and two. When I was researching SPF record syntax for some changes

Keep Flash Player Up to Date for Better Security

Aug. 6, 2015 by

Adobe Flash Player is a bear trap on your computer, just waiting for you to stumble onto the wrong website to spring and install malware onto your computer. Recently a

Search and destroy phishing attempts before a compromise

May. 7, 2013 by

It seems like I do a search and destroy to find and delete phishing attempts before they are opened–and possibly believed–by the end users at least once a month. We

Fraudsters Are Getting Better at Fraud

Feb. 5, 2013 by

Email fraud, phishing in particular, is getting better all the time…well, worse actually¬†because it’s getting better. Most phishing emails are easy to spot by their poor spelling and punctuation and

Free Stuff?

Oct. 19, 2012 by

Nothing is ever really free. There is always some kind of exchange going on. For example, you don’t pay for the information you find on this site, but I subject

Malware part 4, Avoiding Vulnerabilities

May. 15, 2010 by

All malware takes advantage of one or more known vulnerabilities on your computer. If you are connected to the Internet or even to a local computer network, or if you