Exchange Users Unable to Connect with Outlook 2010

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a rash of Exchange users who are unable to connect using Outlook. They don’t get an error message; Outlook just spins its wheels forever. If they try to set up a new Mail profile via the Control Panel app, it will connect to the server to verify the account, but then freeze trying to configure the local […]

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Outlook 2011 cannot send to contact groups after latest update

After the latest update to Outlook 2011 (14.3.2), Mac users are unable to send emails to contact groups. They receive this error: EmailAddress or ItemId must be included in the request. I haven’t seen a fix or workaround from Microsoft yet. Update 3/25/2013: A recent update to Outlook 2011 added the ability to expand a contact group into its constituent members after you’ve added it […]

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