Windows 8 First Impressions

Just a few thoughts:

  • Microsoft really wants you to start living in the cloud.
  • They are also trying very hard to create a new paradigm in user interface.
  • The Windows 8 interface isn’t nearly as intuitive as XP and 7. It’s difficult to perform the most basic functions like shutting down the computer or adding a new local user. It might be good once you get used to it, but I am definitely not there yet.
  • The familiar Control Panel is still there, but it took some hunting.
  • You can change Windows 8 to look and act more like Windows 7, and I predict many, many users will be doing just that. The biggest problem is that it just isn’t intuitive for anyone who uses their computer for more than web browsing and game playing.
  • I hate the way you have to hover over the corner of the screen to bring up the Charms Bar. I know you can use WinKey-C as a shortcut, but I want to be able to click on a button.

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