“Your Account Has Been Disabled” in OWA

If you accidentally delete a user from Active Directory, you normally shouldn’t create a new account with the same name. All resource permissions and group memberships are associated to the old account’s SID and not to its name. This is what allows you to rename AD users and groups at will without disrupting access. So, if you can, you should restore the deleted account from the recycle bin.

However, if you do create a new account with the same name, the user won’t be able to log into Outlook and is likely to see this error the next time he logs into OWA:

Your account has been disabled.

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In non-IE browsers, the “Copy error details to clipboard” option might be missing. Here’s the fix:

  1. In the Disconnected Mailboxes node of the EMC, connect the mailbox to the new account. This won’t recreate any non-policy created email addresses you had configured for the old account, but it will allow the new account to access the mailbox. Make a note of the database that the mailbox is in.
  2. Add any email addresses, distribution groups, permissions, etc. to the mailbox.
  3. In the EMS, run Clean-MailboxDatabase <database>, where “<database>” is the mailbox database you noted in step 1. If you skip this step, the user will have to wait an additional, indefinite amount of time for the Exchange server’s regular maintenance processes to figure out that the mailbox has been reconnected.

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