Get a Report of All Messages Received from a Particular Sender

This is a simple script that will check the message tracking logs on all of your Exchange Hub Transport Servers for messages received from a particular sender.

Get_Sender.ps1 <email-address>


The script saves the output (if found) at c:\temp\sender-report.csv.

# Filename : get_sender.ps1
# Purpose : Creates a report of all emails recently received from a particular sender.
# Records the results at c:\temp\sender-report.csv.
# Requires the following applications to be installed:
# Exchange Management Shell
# Modified : 2013.02.28 Jay Carper; Created
# :


# If no sender address was specified, prints syntax and exits.
if (($Sender -eq $Null) -or ($Sender -eq “”) -or ($Sender -notlike “*@*.*”)) {
write-host ” “
write-host “Syntax: Get_Sender <>”
write-host ” “

# Gets a list of all hub transport servers in the organization.
[array]$HubServers = @()
$HubServers = Get-TransportServer

# Checks log files on each hub transport server for the sender and saves results.
$Results = foreach ($Name in $HubServers) {
[string]$Server = $HubServers[$Count].Name
Get-MessageTrackingLog -Server $Server -Sender $Sender -ResultSize Unlimited `
-EventID Receive | Select Timestamp, ClientIP, ClientHostname, ServerHostName, `
{$_.Recipients}, RecipientCount, MessageSubject

if ($Results) {
$Results | export-csv “C:\temp\sender-report.csv” -NoTypeInformation
write-host ” “
write-host “Messages from $Sender found.”
write-host “Output saved to c:\temp\sender-report.csv”
write-host ” “
else {
write-host ” “
write-host “Sorry. I found no messages from $Sender.”
write-host ” “

You can just copy the above text into notepad and save it as C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Get_Sender.ps1.

Since the CAS and HUB roles are combined in Exchange 2013, I don’t yet know whether it will work in that version or not.

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