Why Am I Online?

I’m not the most accomplished, the most credentialed, or the smartest systems administrator around. Not that I’m bad at my job, but I know that there are guys (and gals) out there who are better, and they’re not all online trying to tell people how to do their jobs. So why am I here? A few things.

  1. One of the best ways to learn something is to teach it. Writing about my new discoveries for other people to read helps cement that knowledge in my own mind.
  2. If I had to search for a piece of information, other people probably do too. Maybe I can shorten your search time (and mine, if I forget something).
  3. I appreciate it when other people share tips and knowledge that make my job easier. If I can make your job easier by providing a tool or a troubleshooting tip, that makes me happy!

Carry on. There are bits lining up for your attention.

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