Disable the Clutter Function in Office 365

Most systems administrators (and probably just about everyone else in an Information Technology role) receive a large number of status alerts from monitoring systems and automated processes. These alerts are very important for staying on top of trends and potential problems with your networks and servers. Even so, we delete most of these messages without reading opening them because we can usually tell by the subject line whether they contain anything of import.

Unfortunately, Exchange Online/Office 365 thinks this means you aren’t interested in those emails and will move them to your Clutter folder where you might not see an important alert until it’s too late. I want to see all of those messages no matter how insignificant Microsoft’s mailbox assistants think they might be.

I strongly recommend that all systems administrators and other IT pros disable the clutter feature on their mailboxes.

I disabled it on my own mailbox using this PowerShell cmdlet:

Set-Clutter -Identity username@domain.com -Enable $False

Then I checked the status to be sure:

Get-Clutter -Identity username@domain.com | Select IsEnabled, MailboxIdentity

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