Forward message headers from Yahoo

“People aren’t getting my emails!”

The hidden, Internet message headers in an email are vital for troubleshooting email delivery. Without those headers, your IT department will have a very hard time troubleshooting a problem like this. You can’t just forward the email because that only forwards the contents of the email and the To/From fields. It doesn’t forward any of the actual headers. Instead, you have to either forward the email as an attachment or copy all of the headers into the body of a new email. In email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird, it’s relatively easy to forward an email as an attachment, but many webmail clients make it more difficult. In fact, I don’t think there’s any way at all to do it in Yahoo Mail. That’s one case where you have to view the headers in your browser, and copy/paste them into a new email.

Here’s how to get the message headers in Yahoo’s webmail interface (as of June 2022) and forward them to your email tech support.

  1. Log into Yahoo Mail.

2. Open the email in question.

3. Click on the … menu at the top of the email and select “View raw message”.

View Yahoo email Internet headers

4. Copy ALL of the raw message text into Notepad or another text editor.

5. Return to Yahoo Mail and compose a new message.

6. Paste the raw message text into the body of the new message.

Forward Yahoo email as an attachment

7. Send the new message containing the raw message text to your tech support person.

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