On being sociable

If you haven’t noticed it yet, check out the social networking widget at the bottom of each post. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google+, Reddit, Delicious, LinkedIn, Digg, MySpace, etc., account, then please share any posts you find helpful or informative. The Sociable widget makes it easy. My goal is to be helpful, especially to those new sysadmins who feel like they’re in […]

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Looking for a new web hosting service

Your recommendations are welcome. Here are my requirements: Multiple domains. Email for all of my domains, including SSL/TLS. Quick response times. Good MTA reputation. Free 24/7 tech support, preferably staffed by native English speakers. Competent tier 2 & 3 support. Ability to do backups & restores of the server, individual websites, or just MySQL databases. Good security practices. Feel free to suggest further requirements in […]

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Music volume isn’t unducked after a Lync call if it’s paused

Windows has a handy feature called “ducking” that can automatically lower the volume of your music when a voip call comes into Lync. You can control how or whether the music is ducked by opening the Sound applet from the control panel or by right-clicking on the volume control in Windows’ system tray. It gives you four options: Mute all other sounds Reduce the volume […]

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Updated the Blogroll

I added sites to the Active Directory, Exchange Server, Lync, and PowerShell categories. Check ’em out in the left-hand column!

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Missing Disk Space after Extending Partition in Windows Server 2008 R2

I was running out of space on the boot partition of a mailbox server, so I ordered a couple of new drives. Since the drives are in a mirrored array, it was simple to replace them. We simply pulled one old drive out and put a new one in, then waited for the mirror to rebuild. When that was done, we replaced the other old […]

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New Domain Name: exchangetips.us

This weekend, I’ll be moving jaycarper.com to exchangetips.us. The old url will still work, and anyone who uses a link pointing to jaycarper.com will be automatically redirected to the same page on exchangetips.us. That is, if everything goes according to plan. Update 2013-03-10: Site is moved to the new domain now and everything appears to be running smoothly accept for some slow response times. Please […]

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Outstanding WordPress Themes

I am in the process of setting up a website for my wife’s nutrition counseling business. We looked at hundreds of WordPress themes, both free and premium. The theme I’m using on my own site right now is free, and, as you can see, you get what you pay for. Mrs. C’s site, on the other hand, needs to look more professional, so we decided […]

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