Jay Carper

Access a Shared FOLDER in Outlook Online

If you Google “open a shared folder in outlook online” you’ll get many results telling you how to open a shared mailbox, rather than a shared folder. Not very helpful. You can’t open another mailbox in Outlook Online unless you have Full Access permissions. If someone has shared a folder with you or if your organization doesn’t grant Full Access permissions to shared mailboxes by […]

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Enabling an Existing Room Mailbox for Microsoft Teams

Here’s the process I used to enable a room mailbox for Teams integration.

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Distribution Groups, Office 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams

What’s the difference between a contact folder, a contact group, a distribution group, an Office 365 Group, and a Microsoft Team? Note: The Outlook interface changes almost daily. For example, the full ribbon is now being replaced with a compact Navigation bar. Fortunately, the concepts should remain constant for at least a week. Outlook Contact Folders An Outlook Contact Folder is a container for organizing […]

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Find and Unhide all Hidden Files Using PowerShell

This PowerShell one-liner will find all hidden files and folders in the current directory and turn off the Hidden attribute: Get-ChildItem -Force -Recurse | Where-Object{($_.Attributes.ToString().Split(“, “) -contains “Hidden”) -and ($_.Name -ne “thumbs.db”) -and ($_.Name -notlike “~*”) -and ($_.Name -ne “desktop.ini”) -and ($_.Name -ne “folder.ico”)} | foreach {$_.Attributes = “Archive”} I deliberately wrote this to skip thumbs.db, desktop.ini, folder.ico and Microsoft Office temporary files, because there […]

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Use PowerShell to Get a List of Users on Windows 7

You can use PowerShell to get a list of local workstation user accounts on Windows 7 or Windows 10. (Probably Windows 8 and 8.1, but does anybody really care?) This is much easier on Windows 10, than on 7. Get-LocalUser | Select Name Not much to write about there, but most of us still have some Windows 7 computers floating around, and that won’t work […]

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Add Blocked Senders to Exchange Online Using PowerShell

Many things in Exchange and Office 365 take too long to do via the admin console, but are too obscure to do routinely via PowerShell. Unless, that is, you have a script! This function will add a single sender address to your spam policy’s BlockedSenders attribute or a sender domain to the BlockedSenderDomains attribute. (If you find any errors in the code below, let me […]

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Create Inbox Rules in PowerShell

Let’s say you want to create in Inbox Rule and you don’t want to (or can’t) use Outlook to do it. Who cares why, right? You just don’t. $ReasonsWhy = “Not Relevant” You can use the New-InboxRule to move, copy, delete, forward, classify…whatever…newly received messages, just like you can if you created the rule through Outlook’s wizard. You can’t do quite everything in PowerShell that can be done […]

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