Remove Broken ActiveSync Device Partnerships

A user has hit his maximum mobile device count on your Exchange server, but when you try to remove an unused device that hasn’t synced in over a year, you get this error: If you look at the details of the error in the wizard, you’ll notice that the ActiveSyncDevice ID includes the user’s OrganizationalUnit. If you check the user’s current OU, chances are very […]

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Flawed password management model for Microsoft’s new Outlook app

Microsoft’s new Outlook for iOS and Android isn’t like other ActiveSync clients. In fact, it isn’t really an ActiveSync client at all. The actual ActiveSync client is a Microsoft-owned server that stores your username and password in order to get data from the Exchange server and then push it to the Outlook app. Why they didn’t just make a standard ActiveSync app and store the […]

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3 ways to provide better Exchange service to low-bandwidth sites

Almost every large organization has at least a handful of users who work at a remote site, and sometimes that site is so remote that the only Internet access is via satellite or dial-up. You might be tempted to install an Exchange server on location, but consider the ramifications: You can’t configure DAG replication to your main data center because the pipeline is too small. […]

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