Grant permission to every folder in a mailbox with a single command

This is the second of three scripts I mentioned in my previous post. Running this command as shown here from the Exchange Management Shell: Add_Perms SharedMailbox John.Doe will get a list of all folders in a mailbox called SharedMailbox and then add Publishing Editor permissions for John.Doe to each of those folders. The username can be entered as account name, primary SMTP address, alias, or […]

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Quickly show the most important folder permissions in any mailbox

With several hundred shared mailboxes in a single Exchange organization, several times each day I am asked who has access to one of them or can I give Sally access or can I take Frank’s access away. The vast majority of the time, management doesn’t want to give Full Access permissions. Publishing Editor is the most common level of access requested. There are three common […]

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Cannot Open the Free/Busy Information, part 2

Applies to Exchange 2010 SP1 and SP2. Last November, I wrote that I get this error whenever I try to edit the delegate list for multiple resources at the same time: I was incorrect about this only happening when I edit multiple resource mailboxes simultaneously. it seems to be random. I see it more often in those cases simply because there are more mailboxes in […]

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Cannot Open the Free/Busy Information

Applies to Exchange 2010 SP1 RU2-5, at least. Exchange certainly has it’s quirks, doesn’t it? It’s a great product, but it’s very complex. The more you work with it, the more you unpolished surfaces you discover. If you have a large organization, you’ve probably created multiple Room and Equipment mailboxes. And some of your delegates might be getting this error when they try to edit […]

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