Cannot Open the Free/Busy Information, part 2

Applies to Exchange 2010 SP1 and SP2. Last November, I wrote that I get this error whenever I try to edit the delegate list for multiple resources at the same time: I was incorrect about this only happening when I edit multiple resource mailboxes simultaneously. it seems to be random. I see it more often in those cases simply because there are more mailboxes in […]

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Cannot Open the Free/Busy Information

Applies to Exchange 2010 SP1 RU2-5, at least. Exchange certainly has it’s quirks, doesn’t it? It’s a great product, but it’s very complex. The more you work with it, the more you unpolished surfaces you discover. If you have a large organization, you’ve probably created multiple Room and Equipment mailboxes. And some of your delegates might be getting this error when they try to edit […]

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