Get a list of all email addresses in your Exchange organization

Once in a while someone asks me for a list of all email addresses on the system. It might be for reporting, auditing, or whatnot, or maybe the boss is just curious. Whatever the reason is, here’s a short script that will get you a bare list of all addresses, minus resource mailboxes, shared mailboxes, and SIP addresses:   [PS] C:\windows\system32>$AllMailboxes = (Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited […]

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Get a Report of All (Inactive) Computer Accounts

As an Active Directory domain matures, it tends to accumulate junk. (It’s a lot like me in that way.) This script will scan your domain for computer accounts that haven’t been used in at least 90 days and output the results to an Excel spreadsheet. Since I included the operating system, service packs, manager’s name, and creator SID, you can use this same script for […]

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