Find All Room Mailboxes on Which a User Is a Delegate

If you manage Exchange for a large organization, you probably dread personnel changes in the central offices. Executives and their assistants are connected to so many projects and resources, it can be very difficult to keep track of them, let alone transfer ownership or access to their successors. Unfortunately, Exchange doesn’t provide any simple, built in way of tracking and managing resource mailbox delegation. If […]

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Outlook permission errors related to resource mailboxes

Computers only do what you tell them, right? Somebody needs to have a talk with Exchange and Outlook about how they work with resource mailboxes. Every resource mailbox I configure seems to behave differently. Here are two problems I saw this week: You don’t have appropriate permission to perform this operation. Except that you do. In this case, I had created a new resource mailbox […]

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Events in a Resource Mailbox Must Be Set to Show as Busy

“The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer.” Edward R. Murrow Indeed. A few weeks ago I created a set of resource mailboxes, assigned delegates, and tested functionality. Everything seemed to be great. but then a few days later, the end users called to say that no one except the delegates could see events in the calendars for any of these […]

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Find an Exchange User’s Resources

You can use these PowerShell commands in the Exchange Management Shell to find all the Room and Equipment mailboxes for which a particular user is a delegate: # Gets the mailbox name from the user. $Username = Read-Host “What is the username for the mailbox?” # Assigns the mailbox to a variable called “Mailbox”. $Mailbox = Get-Mailbox $Username # Assigns the mailbox name to a […]

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