PowerShell to Add a Workstation to a User’s Log On To Property

It’s easy enough to use ADUC or ADAC to┬áchange the list of computers that a user account is authorized to logon to, but sometimes (like, whenever possible!) you need to use PowerShell. Let’s start by seeing what workstations the user is allowed to logon to now… PS C:\> Get-ADUser jay.test -Properties LogonWorkstations | Format-List Name, LogonWorkstations Name : Jay Test LogonWorkstations : testpc This tells […]

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A Primer on SPF Records

Yesterday there were a million and one web pages on Sender Policy Framework. Today there are a million and two. When I was researching SPF record syntax for some changes in my email routing, I couldn’t find a single page that gave all the information I needed. I hope this one will save you some time. Sender Policy Framework is a quick-and-dirty method for using […]

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Who has access to do what where?

If you manage Active Directory in a large organization, chances are good there are a number of cooks in the kitchen. Every now and then it’s good to review who has access to do what. I’m sure there are any number of great tools out there to give you this kind of information (feel free to link them in the comments), here’s a cmdlet to […]

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Compartmentalizing Your Email for Security

After Mat Honan’s entire digital life was hacked, erased, and hijacked last year, two lessons stood out concerning what an individual can do to protect their data and bank accounts. Of course, there are lots of things you can (and ought to) do and lots of things that companies like Amazon and Apple need to do to improve the security of their customers, but these […]

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