‘404 – Page Not Found’ Error When Commenting on a WordPress Site

The comment function broke on one of the WordPress sites I manage. When submitting a new comment, users would receive a “404 Page not found” error. My first thought was that a theme or security plugin update was the cause, so I switched to the basic 2015 theme and reviewed all of the site security settings. My second thought was that something happened to either […]

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Outstanding WordPress Themes

I am in the process of setting up a website for my wife’s nutrition counseling business. We looked at hundreds of WordPress themes, both free and premium. The theme I’m using on my own site right now is free, and, as you can see, you get what you pay for. Mrs. C’s site, on the other hand, needs to look more professional, so we decided […]

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Free Stuff?

Nothing is ever really free. There is always some kind of exchange going on. For example, you don’t pay for the information you find on this site, but I subject you to advertising. You pay for the content by giving up a few mental cpu cycles. It’s no big deal because they’re mostly cycles you weren’t really using anyway. I’m not hiding anything either. It’s […]

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